Tree Sale

May 22, 2009

We’re having a tree sale this weekend.  We’ve been growing some of our trees in pots for over 5 years!  Now it’s time to get them in the ground.  We shift them up each year and give them feed, and guess what?  They grow. Click here to get a coupon!

My earliest recollection of Rocky Dale Gardens was when I was visiting my family here in Bristol when I was living in Minnesota. 
I had heard of this great nursery from friends before I had left Vermont, but I had never visited.
When I arrived and walked into the nursery, I was absolutely stunned with the selection of trees.
I happened upon Cornus alternifolia ‘Argentea’- a beautiful  specimen of variegated Pagoda Dogwood, about 3 feet tall with a little burlaped root ball.  This was a plant I had read about that was extremely hard to find.  I seriously contemplated how I would get it on the plane, but alas it wasn’t going to be mine.

This is what we strive for- that you will have the same experience as I had when I first entered Rocky Dale Gardens.
Our plants are amazing and unique. We have some of the most unusual and hard-to-come-by plants that you can find in the region.

We have some beautiful trees at Rocky Dale.  Many are just budding out with fresh spring growth.  This year we have a nice selection of fruiting trees as well as shade and flowering trees.  Some of the tree culitvars that are less known include:

Acer tartaricum 'Hot Wings'

Acer tartaricum ‘Hot Wings’.  This small maple has bright red winged fruits that make the tree look like it’s flowering.  It’s hardy to zone 3 and we have several that are already 12 feet tall.

Fagus sylvatica 'Tricolor'

Beeches.  We have many varieties of beeches.  These are not commonly planted in our area but we find them to be quite hardy.  We have fastgiate, contorted and weeping varieties in red or green leaf.


Espaliered Pear  'Comice'


Espaliered apple and pear trees.  This French form of pruning creates a flat branching habit that is ideal for growing fruit in small spaces.  Ideal for an east facing wall or as a fence.


Ulmus hollandica 'Wredei'

Elms. Ulmus procera ‘Aurea’.  A rounded, muti-stemmed golden-leafed elm.  Spectacular golden spring color fading slightly in summer. Ulmus hollandica ‘Wredei’.  A narrow- golden leaf variety, with leaves held closely to the branch, becoming pyramidal with time.






Cercidiphyllum japonicum.  The Katsura Tree has heart-shaped leaves that turn beautiful orange and gold in the fall.  A fast growing tree that slows down once it reaches about 30 feet.



Gingko.  We have many culitvars of dwarf gingkos including Jade Butterflies, Mariken, and Chi Chi.

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