what’s blooming…

June 21, 2009

Summer still seems to elude us this year.  It’s odd to drive up route 116 and see folks tilling their vegetable gardens or just starting to plant them out.  Last year was similar- cool, but with much more rain.  Perennials, trees and shrubs seem to like the cooler weather, but signs of powdery mildew, rot and insect infestations tell us they don’t like the dampness.  Annuals (including vegetables), don’t like this weather at all (with the exception of lettuce and spinach which thrive in cool temps).

With the advancement of blooms comes the advancement of weeds!  We’ve got a bumper crop this year and getting to them before they set seed will be a challenge.  Other than the weeds, the gardens look great.  My only frustration is not having the time to get into them and work.  In this business, it all happens at once- the gardens, the nursery, and the consulting.

We attended the North Hill Symposium this year as a vendor for the 14th time.  For those of you who haven’t been to this event, stay tuned for it next year- it’s a one-of-a-kind series of lectures by preeminent gardeners, designers, and writers.  We always come back with a few Guy Wolff pots, epimediums, and exotic tropicals, (orchids), from the other vendors.

One Response to “what’s blooming…”

  1. sabina Thekkayam Says:

    Rocky Dale is beautiful and refreshing-Thank you.

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