some delights…

July 14, 2009

There are a couple of things blooming in the garden that I really love.  Hydrangea serrata ‘Blue Billow’ has proved pretty reliable for us.  We have a plant in the garden that is probably about 10 years old or more.  We find it a more reliable bloomer than Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Endless Summer’, and I appreciate the more delicate blossoms.  We don’t have any for sale at the moment, but we’re due to get them in the end of the month.IMG_9112

Hydrangea serrata 'Blue Billow'

Another plant that I love has reappeared in the garden this year.  It’s Canada Lily or Lilium canadense, a native lily to Vermont.  Somehow it survived a lot of overgrowth and after two years of clearing, it surprised us- what a nice surprise!




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