Michael Dirr

October 2, 2009

To those of you who made it to Michael Dirr- you have to agree that his talk was inspiring!  We may be crazy for loving unusual trees- but we’re in good company!  To those who didn’t make the talk- be reassured- there are still a lot of people who are passionate about trees.  What a great day!  Today I’m motivated!

Michael Dirr

2 Responses to “Michael Dirr”

  1. Jo LaFontaine Van Buskirk Says:

    Hi, Ed,

    I enjoy your blog. It looks good where you took out the Hazelnuts. Taking trees down is a HARD decision, when it has been one of ours, I can’t look. Our yard looks better even though it was a heartbreak for me when a tree had to be taken down.
    But now, as you know, we have planted several more and it is all the better for it.


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