This weekend enter to win a 4.5 foot Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick (Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’)  This is an interesting specimen hazelnut with a contorted branching habit that makes a great statement in the winter garden.


November 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Come on in and see us in our December home in Bristol village next to Almost Home Market on North Street.

Every Saturday in December we host an Open House with Almost Home, with a special Wine Tasting on Saturday, December 12th from 2-5pm to sample bubbly and sparkling Holiday Wines!

Our Christmas Shanty is filled with a wide selection of beautiful hand-made ornaments from Europe and a selection of hand-blown glass ornaments from John Chiles Glass in Cornwall, VT.

We have fresh wreaths and garlands of balsam, pine and a mix of cedar-pine-fraser in several sizes.  We also have numerous loose greens for arrangements including black spruce tips, berried juniper, incense cedar, and silver fir.  Also available- boxwood tree arrangements and boxwood kissing balls, amaryllis and paperwhites.

We can help you with any custom work and we’re happy to ship these Vermont wreaths for you.

We hope you have the time to stop in and enjoy this brief festive time, gather ’round the fire and share in some Holiday Cheer.

Please enjoy the sounds of A French Christmas- Andre Claveau singing “Noel Sans Vous”

Rocky Dale has set up its Christmas Shanty next to Almost Home Market in Bristol Village.  This is a tradition in the making- marking our 5th season with the Christmas Shanty this year.  We decided to spruce it up with a new paint job.


Kathy touches up our paint job- her theme for the Shanty this year- “Shantasia”.


We have great Amaryllis that we’ve started forcing in eco-friendly rice pots.  They’ll be available for purchase inside Almost Home Market.

RD Shanty4

We create a number of floral pieces from small boxwood trees, to an assortment of greens and berries arrangements.  We use a number of greens from our own garden.

RD Shanty2

Each wreath is unique.  We start with a fresh wreath assembled from balsam, pine, fraser fir, and/or cedar from the Northeast Kingdom.  We then add Rocky Dale greens and an assortment of other decorations.

RD Shanty3

Inside the Shanty, we have beautiful and unique European hand-made glass ornaments, as well as items from our store including Felco Pruners, hand tools, and garden ornaments.
RD Shanty8

Even it you can’t make it to the Shanty- we’re happy to help you share in the festivities.  Let us know if you’d like us to ship something to you.

RD Shanty9

If you need something special made up- let us know in advance.

RD Shanty5

Every night we have a fire going and all the ingredients for s’mores.  It’s a festive time and even though it’s cold outside- we’re warm on the inside!  Hope to see you in town!

RD Shanty6

I thought I’d pass along this announcement from Greenworks, (Vermont Nursery and Landscape Association).  If you’ve got the time- it would be a rare opportunity to hear Dirr speak- he’s the preeminent expert on trees today.

  • Tomorrow: October 1, 2009 Green Works-VNLA; VT Urban & Community Forestry Program & NE Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture present:
  • TREE TIME WITH MICHAEL DIRR at Middlebury College – Dana Auditorium from 9-11am.
  • SPACE STILL AVAILABLE FOR THE MORNING and we will be taking walk-in registration! Take the day off and come hear the fabulous and famous Michael Dirr speak about his passion.
  • Directions and Parking: From Rte 7 (north or south) follow the signs for Route 30. The Center for the Arts is about 4/10 mile down Rte 30 to the left. To park – turn at sign: Parking-Center for the Arts. Then walk northwest, up towards Route 30 and pass a giant Burr Oak. Cross Rte 30, pass a Serbian Spruce, turn right and walk down Old Chapel Road, heading north. Pass the state’s largest Littleleaf Linden at the end of this road. Dana Auditorium is the building on the right across Route 125.

final fall sale…mmmm

September 28, 2009

Stewartia psduocamellia

Is time running out for planting?  Well soon.  We recommend planting through mid-October.  Of course there is plenty of planting done past that date, but one must really be keen with watering, spraying evergreens with an anti-desiccant, wrapping burlap around sensitive evergreens, and mulching over perennials.  We recommend “mudding in”  new plantings.  After you dig the hole, place the plant in the hole, and water thoroughly- two or three times, before gradually filling in the hole with a soil/compost blend- water, fill, water, fill- until it’s just soggy.  This will get out any air pockets and fully saturate the root mass- aiding in overwintering.

So- here’s a final offer for the season- come on in and buy us out!

  • Perennials-30% Off
  • Conifers- 40% Off
  • Trees and Shrubs- 50% Off
  • Cast Stone Fountains, Pots, and Statuary- 25% Off
  • Glazed and Terra Cotta Pots- 25% Off
  • DeWitt Tools (we never do this)- 10% Off

Have fun and enjoy the beautiful fall weather!

Some of our bulbs arrived today and the bulk of them will be here by the end of the week. Most of the bulbs we’re carrying have been grown in our garden; since we liked them so much, we’re offering them for sale.  And then a few are new for us-  we were intrigued, and hope you are too!

Here’s a list of what we’re carrying this year with some of our own photos and  some taken from that great library called “the internet”.  If you scroll over the image and leave your curser there for a second, it will reveal the name of the bulb depicted in the photo.  Enjoy the show and see you soon!

  • Allium ‘Christophii’
  • Allium ‘Gladiator’
  • Allium ‘Purple Sensation’

Allium aflatuense 'Purple Sensation'

  • Chionodoxa Lucilliae

Chionodoxa labitica

  • Crocus Chrysanthus ‘Cream Beauty’
  • Crocus tommasinianus ‘Ruby Giant’
  • Crocus sieberi ‘Tricolor’

Crocus sieberi 'Tricolor"

Crocus chrysanthus 'Cream Beauty'

  • Eremurus himalaicus
  • Eremurus ruiter ‘Cleopatra’
  • Fritillaria persica

images-2 images-1 images

  • Iris danfordiae
  • Iris histrioides ‘Katherine Hodgkin’
  • Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’

iris histrioides 'Katherine Hodges'

Iris reticulata

  • Muscari ‘Valleri Finnis’
  • Muscari ‘Dark Eyes’

Muscari armeniacum

  • Narcissus ‘Fortissimo’

Narcissus 'Fortissimo'

  • Narcissus ‘Hillstar’

Narcissus 'Hillstar'

  • Narcissus ‘Katie Heath’

Narcissus 'Katie Heath'

  • Narcissus ‘Professor Einstein’
  • Narcissus ‘Palmares’
  • Narcissus ‘Altruist’
  • Narcissus ‘Tete a Tete’

  • Narcissus ‘Thalia’

Narcissus Thalia

  • Narcissus ‘Accent’
  • Narcissus ‘Sailboat’

Narcissus 'Sailboat'

  • Narcissus ‘Pistachio’

  • Scilla siberica

Scilla sibirica

  • Tulip ‘American Dream’
  • Tulip ‘Daydream’
  • Tulip ‘Ivory Floradale’
  • Tulip ‘Kingsblood’
  • Tulip ‘KungFu’

  • Tulip ‘New Design’
  • Tulip ‘Passionale’
  • Tulip ‘Princess Irene’
  • Tulip pulchella violacea
  • Tulip saxitallis

Tulipa pulchella 'Violacea'Tulipa 'Princess Irene'

  • Tulip ‘World Expression’
  • Tulip ‘Antoinette’
  • Tulip ‘Ballerina’
  • Tulip clusiana ‘Cynthia’
  • Tulip ‘Early Harvest’
  • Tulip ‘Apricot Impression’

Tulips 'Ballerina'  (the orange ones)Tulipa kauffmanii 'Early Harvest'Tulipa kauffmanii 'Early Harvest'

Half Price Tree update…

September 12, 2009

The following is an update on our half price trees.  Included are the varieties, the quantities, and the original price.  These trees are on sale through the end of the season at half their original price.  Be aware that quantities are limited and will change daily.  I’ll try to keep the list updated regularly.  Hope you see something you like!


Fruit Trees:

  • 3 Gala Apples Original price: 79.00
  • 5 Golden Delicious Apples Original price: 79.00
  • 6 Granny Smith Apples Original price: 79.00
  • 2 Liberty Apples Original price: 79.00
  • 5 Macintosh Apples Original price: 79.00
  • 6 Red Delicious Apples Original price: 79.00
  • 2 Four-varieties on one Apples Original price: 125.00
  • 1 Toka Plum Original price: 79.00
  • 1 Superior Plum Original price: 79.00
  • 1 Sungold Apricot Original price: 79.00
  • 1 Bartlett Pear Original price: 79.00
  • 3 Moonglow Pears Original price: 79.00

Acer pseudosieboldianum  3 LEFT  Original price: 229.00

Acer tataricum ‘Hot Wings’  4 LEFT  Original price: 109.00

Acer tegmentosum ‘Joe Witt’ SOLD OUT

Acer triflorum  5 LEFT Original price: 79.00

Betula nigra ‘Summer Cascade’  10 LEFT  Original price: 69.00

Catalpa bignonioides ‘Aurea’  7 LEFT  Original price: 79.00

Catalpa bignoides ‘Variegata’  2 LEFT  Original price: 189.00

Catalpa bignonioides ‘Purpurea’  2 LEFT  Original price: 119.00

Cercidiphyllum japonicum  3 LEFT  Original price: 2@ 89.00, 2@ 159.00

Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Amazing Grace‘  SOLD OUT

Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Titania’  2 LEFT Original price: 189.00

Cladrastis kentukea ‘Arnold’s Pink’  1 LEFT Original price: 109.00

Cladrastis kentukea ‘Perkin’s Pink’  2 LEFT Original price: 69.00

Cladrastis kentukea  1 LEFT Original price: 95.00

Corylus avellana ‘Red Majestic’ 2 LEFT Original price: 269.00

Crataeguus laevigata ‘Crimson Cloud’ SOLD OUT

Liriodendron tulipifera 1 LEFT Original price: 109.00


  • Adams  1 LEFT Original price: 79.00
  • Golden Raindrops SOLD OUT
  • Indian Summer  2 LEFT Original Price: 79.00
  • Red Jade 1 LEFT Original price: 149.00
  • Robinson  4 LEFT Original price: 79.00
  • Spring Bride  5 LEFT Original price: 79.00

Parrotia persica 1 LEFT Original price: 189.00

Platanus occidentalis  2 LEFT Original price: 119.00

Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula Plena’  1 LEFT Original price: 159.00

Prunus subhirtella ‘Snow Fountains‘  SOLD OUT

Quercus bicolor  1 LEFT Original price: 119.00

Quercus rubra  3 LEFT Original price: 119.00

Quercus x warei ‘Long” SOLD OUT

Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Purple Robe’ SOLD OUT

Syringa reticulata  7 LEFT Original price: 109.00

Tilia americana ‘American Sentry’  3 LEFT Original price: 129.00

Ulmus americana ‘Valley Forge’  1 LEFT Original price: 149.00

Ulmus procera ‘Argenteovariega’ SOLD OUT

Ulmus procera ‘Aurea’  2 LEFT Original price: 139.00

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